Falcon 2.0 to Actionscript 4.0

Итак, удалось перехватить кое-что любопытное из переписок … 🙂

Falcon/ASC 2.0 was the starting point for Adobe’s
development of an AS4 compiler.

ASC 2.0: http://www.bytearray.org/?p=4789

I don’t think Adobe has publicly disclosed details about AS4 yet, so I’ll just
say that there are significant changes from AS3. However, porting Flex would
probably involve more work in adapting to the new runtime APIs than in adapting
to the new language.
Also, the AS4 compiler will not be open source.


ASC is already moving to ASNext targeting the
next generation runtime which is targeting game developers.
The rendering architecture of the new runtime is Stage3D only. So
essentially, there is no «native» DisplayObject.
So your framework needs to leverage Stage3D, just like iOS is
leveraging OpenGL for their components UI.

That’s why we have been funding Starling to help people transition to
a full Stage3D model.


> The question is what amount of work does it require to port from AS3 to
> AS4 ?
Significant.  AS4 has made no promise to be backward compatible with AS3.